In recent years Brazil has been outstanding on the global agribusiness stage. Besides its agricultural background and competitiveness, it has the largest arable land stock in the world for either food or energy production. The production potential of Brazilian land and its still low prices have attracted many investors seeking safe alternatives for their investment portfolios (with the possibility of considerable gains).

The opportunity to unite the security of an investment in a real asset with the expectation of growing appreciation in the long term, allied to the profitability provided agribusiness is key to the interest shown by Brazilian and international investors.

IEG FNP, a leading company in information and consulting in Brazilian agribusiness, carries out the most complete and exclusive studies of the land market in Brazil.

Over twenty years of consulting for large agribusiness ventures, allied to an unequalled effort in surveying information on the land market have conferred on IEG FNP a unique expertise that enables it to provide differentiated services and information for the market.

Products and Services

  • Land Report (two-monthly)
  • Land Leasing Report (six-monthly)
  • Historical Database
  • Asset Appraisal
  • Price forecasts and trends



The Land Report is two-monthly and provides quotes on approximately 1,000 different types of land (location versus use), distributed in 133 homogenous micro-regions throughout Brazil.

The most representative prices for each region in deals that have been done are surveyed and updated, so allowing a national comparison, irrespective of the payment form used.


  • Context and outlook
  • Economy
  • Legislation
  • Highest appreciation (R$/ha and %) - short and long term
  • Highest depreciation (R$/ha and %) - short and long term
  • Analysis by activity type
  • Analysis by State
  • Charts and tables of price evolution throughout Brazil



The Land Leasing Report is six-monthly and presents over 120 different quotes (locations versus use), using the same geographical division as the Land Report.

The analysis provides readers with an important decision-making tool for their business, comparing land price gains in the most sought-after regions compared with the cost of leasing.


  • Description of leasing and rural partners
  • Land leasing market analysis
  • Tables with updated land lease prices throughout Brazil
  • Tables of product price evolution (soy, beef cattle, sugarcane) indexes


For 15 years IEG FNP has been providing asset appraisal services in agribusiness. With a team with over 20 years experience on the market, IEG FNP's appraisals are carried out using a methodology approved by the Brazilian Technical Norm Association (ABNT).


The systematic survey of land prices in Brazil by IEG FNP began at the end of 2001, which has created an extensive database.

This background is used in land price trend studies and forecasts which are carried out in a customized manner for clients.

Econometric regression models are used which, allied to IEG FNP's expertise and the strategic information held by its network of sources, allow the identification of the regions with the best potential for future appreciation.

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