IEG FNP’s consultancy projects take in technical and economic analysis of investments, sector analysis, asset evaluations, strategies for new investors, technical due diligences, mergers and acquisitions, market research, competitive intelligence studies and macro-market and sector studies.

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Technical and economic analysis of investments
The identification of where the most efficient area for primary production (crops, livestock), or the installation of agribusinesses, bearing in mind technical, environmental, natural, socio-economic, infrastructure and labor conditions.
Economic viability study for an investment, bearing in mind production, productivity, costs, and other structural and operational items.

Sector Analysis (Meat, Grain, and Fiber, Reforestation, Citrus, Sugar and Alcohol)
Detailed surveys and forecasts about all the farming figures in Brazil down to the municipal level, in order to back up studies, such as the potential for products in livestock farming, plans for the harvests, and governmental projects. Studies are also developed on specific sectors in Brazilian farming, analyzing the market structure, the production chain, factors that affect demand, recent technological evolution, competitiveness on international markets and the potential on the markets.

Asset Evaluation
For 15 years IEG FNP has provided asset evaluation services in agribusiness. Having a team with over 20 years experience on the market, IEG FNP evaluations follow methodologies recognized by the Brazilian Technical Norm Association (ABNT)).

Strategy for New Investors
The study and evaluation to establish the best strategy to get into the business, specific to the investor, preventing a lack of concrete experience creating losses.

Technical Due Diligences
Evaluation of the conditions announced by a certain company (from a technical point of view). Generally it is a service provided to investors who are acquiring a share or 100% of the company being investigated.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Economic and financial evaluations, the identification of strategic and /or financial investors, intermediaries, and negotiations.

Market Research
Market research is focused on producers, farmers, resellers, and cooperative and the methodologies include quantitative studies (Appreciation and Quantification of Market, Market Share, Client Satisfaction, Brand Equity, Behavioral Studies, Price Tracking, Brand Positioning, Campaign Recall) and qualitative studies (Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Mystery Shoppers).

Competitive Intelligence Studies
Based on over 20 years on the agribusiness market, IEG FNP has a broad base of knowledge in competitive intelligence, including the development of company profiles, SWOT analyses, and strategic and tactical analysis of competitors.

Macro-Market and Sector Studies
Agribusiness market data in compiled yearly, in which the entire scenario for the segment under study is quantified and qualified, from agricultural production to industrial processing. These studies present a situation and a forecast for potential in Brazil for the international market (publications available in English). Reports developed: Citrus, Biodiesel, Meat industry, Dairy industry, Processed Fruit and Juices.

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